United Church of God - Spokane

Spokane, Washington - Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Weekly Sabbath worship services Saturday at 1:30pm

February 8, 2020 Speaker Title
Sermonette Jon Lafferty God Speaks To Us
Sermon Paul Moody Principles of Effective Bible Study

8 February 2020

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UCG Spokane Webcast



Portions of our Sabbath worship service are cybercast live over the internet. We will not cybercast any performance of copyrighted material without full authorization through license or permission of author or publisher.

All live cybercast of special music performances are done with permission from author or publisher of the material. Some permissions are granted through licensing agencies where applicable or through license or permission directly from author or publisher. In addition, all pre-recorded accompaniment is only used with permission or license.


The cybercast crew will not cybercast any special music that does not have appropriate permission or license for live cybercast. If we do not have full authority within compliance of law to cybercast special music, our policy is to move the performance to the conclusion of services, following closing prayer, after the live cybercast is turned off. The performance then falls under legal exemptions for church services by only being observable from within the confines of the walls where services are being conducted.

If you are a performer and wish to schedule a performance, please notify the webmaster at least one month in advance. We have systems in place for obtaining permissions and can help you obtain permissions for cybercast of your performance.


Anyone who speaks must NOT quote or read any published or copyrighted work without appropriate permissions from the publisher or author. This includes, but is not limited to, presenters of sermons, sermonettes, announcements and song leaders. If you have content that is to be read with permission, please notify the cybercast crew in advance. Without prior notification the cybercast crew is required (in order to comply with law) to turn off the cybercast during that portion of your presentation. Without appropriate permission your presentation cannot be archived in its entirety onto any of our web pages.

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